The Rise Of The Micro-Influencer

What is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is generally considered an influencer with under 150k followers. However influencers with even smaller audiences, between 3k-45k followers can drive significant results by offering brands privileged access to an ultra-targeted, and engaged, audience.

Small Influencers – Big Results

Micro-influencers often offer more value than those with hundreds of thousands of followers. Their super targeted niche of followers provide impressive engagement levels and a more authentic experience. Smaller influencers may not have the volume of followers, but they often have active relationships with the people who engage with them regularly.

Key Benefits of Working with Small Influencers:

#1. Affordable

Many micro-influencers are ordinary people who often work full-time and use social media, blogging, and their online activities as a way to relax, connect with friends, or express their creativity and micro-blog. This means they are easier to approach and often more affordable as they are not necessarily represented by agencies taking large commissions. The average cost of a middle-level influencer is $271 per post. For smaller accounts, you might pay an average of $83 per post – and often even less.

#2. Targeted

People follow micro-influencers because they are viewed as experts, creatives or opinion makers in their niche. Brands with an in-depth understanding of their target audience can work with these micro-influencers to ensure that their campaigns are ultra-targeted and resonating with the correct crowd. Furthermore most micro influencers have developed their own niche-specific following, and gained credibility among their followers. If they love your product their followers will too.

#3. Small influencers can offer your brand more authenticity

Micro-influencers have a resonating effect on their followers. A tighter community, especially one are built around niche interests, means a more interactive community. It offers higher levels of engagement compared to larger influencer accounts which are more generic and have hundreds of thousands of followers. That’s why they’re popular within their niche. If they dig what you’re offering, then you can be confident that their supporters will too.

#4. Recommendations from smaller influencers have a heavy impact

Recommendations from small influencers can have a similar impact as a direct referral from family members or friends. A smaller, tight-knit and more active community of followers results in increased trust, as many micro-influencers develop stronger ties with their followers than huge accounts with hundreds of thousands.

#5. Talented content creators

Having cultivated their own niche following, many micro-influencers are talented content creators. Their creative content and personal aesthetic is often a key appeal to their followers and difficult for large companies to replicate in an authentic way.

As more and more brands begin to see the value of influencer marketing it is inevitable that the effectiveness of micro-influencers will also be more widely recognised, leading to the rise of the micro-influencer.



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