How to monetise a spotify playlist?

Have you built an awesome spotify playlist for a niche genre? Spent endless hours meticulously crafting a spotify playlist fitted to an exact mood or event? Wondering about how do people monetise their Spotify playlists? How to get your spotify playlist noticed?

Obviously you want to share this curated masterpiece with the world. This quick guide will help you out.

You may be wondering…

 How do I monetise my Spotify Playlist?

As more and more people are getting into curating their own playlists, an opportunity has emerged. Playlists with thousands of followers are now able to sell “places” on their spotify playlists to managers looking to promote their talent.


How do I brand my spotify playlist?

Eye catching visuals go hand in hand with branding curated playlists and help you get noticed. Many talented designers and illustrators have online portfolios available on instagram so feel free to approach them and ask them how much they charge. It’s possible you could even establish a deal where you heavily promote their artwork and social media platforms on your accounts in return for free/ or low cost use of their artwork. Make sure the graphics you decide on accurately reflect the mood/ tone of the playlist.


So I have my curated Spotify playlist ready and branded so…

 How do I Build a Following for my Spotify Playlist using Instagram?

In a nutshell – generate related content

Report news about the artists involved in your genre of music. Announce new releases of music and make sure you are providing valuable content to your niche. Curate your genres’ aesthetic and make sure you always concentrate on providing your followers with content they would want to see. This could be informative or just visually appealing, but it must tie in with the mood and audience of your playlist.

Follow related accounts and offer to cross promote content so you can both benefit. Check what hashtags your ideal followers are following and get involved with the community. 

Another option is running ads. This will cost more and you have to make sure your ads are super-targeted to your ideal audience as this could get expensive fast. 

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