How do i monetise my instagram page (if im not an influencer)?

Ok, so you have a killer instagram page, you have an engaged audience and you’re still not sure what to do with it? Creating a killer instagram page requires countless hours of work, engagement and most importantly creativity. So you’re probably reading this wondering “so how can i monetise my instagram page?” .

There are various ways you can monetise an instagram page even if you are not a model or influencer promoting diet teas and workout plans (although they all entail selling ads in some form or another).

Sell shout-outs/ promos:

Many pages sell shout-outs and promos to companies or other instagram pages trying to grow their audience. Packages could involve a single hourly/ daily / weekly promotion or a package deal combining posts stories and links in the description of the page, depending on the client’s needs. 

How do I sell promos and shout-outs on Instagram?

You can advertise your rates and packages directly on your page and invite potential customers to contact you directly. Alternatively you can sell promos and shout-outs on sites such as Fiverr as a service.

Become an affiliate reseller:

Some companies use affiliate marketing links to sell their products.Affiliate links generally offer users a unique discount code/ purchase code to promote to their audience. Finalised sales using a users’ unique code will give you a small percentage from each sale. A quick google search and a look at what other popular accounts are promoting will reveal the most popular affiliate schemes.

Where do I find companies to advertise on my Instagram page and how do I convince them?

Build it and they shall come (?) – generally this approach only works with hugely popular, already well established pages which have been noticed by a brand’s marketers due to its huge target audience. Be bold! If you think you’ve identified a service or product your audience will appreciate – contact the company! Explain to them who you are,what your page is about  and why your audience is ideal for their product or service. Convince them by giving them vital insights into your audience, engagement rates and audience characteristics they should care about. 

Make sure you don’t alienate your audience:

Don’t sacrifice your page’s authenticity or character for a quick buck. The best relationships are built where community and brand are perfect for eachother and your page plays “matchmaker”. This isn’t always attainable and some settlements have to be made but just make sure you don’t alienate the audience you’ve spent so much time to develop. I doubt a page sharing daily bible quotes would do well if it started promoting half-price dildos on Adam n Eve. Although I’ve been wrong in the past so you never know….

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