A perfect example of Growth Hacking mentality – How one user used the Elon Musk JRE podcast to promote their rap video.


Growth Hacking is a mindset in marketing which focuses on growth in low cost and through leveraging unorthodox marketing routes. The concept concentrates on getting your product or service in front of a potential user base by targeting them indirectly – i.e. the comment section of a hugely popular podcast episode.

I saw a perfect example of this yesterday while watching the latest Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring Elon Musk. Regular viewers of the podcast (and Youtube podcasts in general) will be familiar with user submitted comments that break down the podcast in to segments (*photo 1). Elon Musk was bound to be a mega-podcast in terms of views and user engagement, and so one user took advantage of this to promote their new track to a new audience. 

Even if the average JRE user doesn’t fit in to the traditional profile expected to be in to new and experimental rap YouTube channels the sheer number of people viewing the comment would mean a large cross over. And who knows maybe get a few new users into the genre. 

How they did it:

Well to begin with, user TwentyWulf, began by providing something of great value to the JRE audience. A breakdown of key segments so viewers can navigate to the segment of the podcast they’re most interested in. This is a huge service to a huge amount of viewers who only want to hear some parts of the podcast and don’t want to spend time skipping and searching for their key segments. 

After providing something which is inarguably of service to the viewers he finished with a soft ask/ promo “if you have time please have a listen”. This is non invasive, not pitchy and hard to get mad at. Hell, some people might even click as a thank you to the time dedicated in making the podcast break down. 

Yes, but did it work?

At the time of writing this ( only 24 hours after I noticed the comment) the video had near 1500 views and 64 comments referring to how they had come from the comment on the podcast so the response rate was succesful.


Growth Hacking – using non traditional marketing channels to promote your product on a tight budget.

Joe Rogan Podcast – The most popular podcast in the world right now/ gets millions of views.

One user provided a breakdown of the Elon Musk podcast in the comments and promoted their rap song in the process.


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